Chris Brown has expanded on how he views himself as an artist, claiming that he doesn't really see himself as a rapper, and admitting that his increased move towards the spoken rhyme has just come out as a new way of expressing himself. The interview came in late June with MTV, and Brown commentated on whether he felt he was an R n' B artist or a hip-hop performer.
"With the hip-hop and the rapping, it's more of - I wouldn't say [a] hobby - it's just me expressing myself" he explained, "I'm not going to sit here and say I'm the best rapper or I'm a rapper. I'm just saying I could do it, I guess, if y'all like it."
There were brief reports that 'Fortune', Brown's latest album which has been roundly panned by critics though is still expected to sell well, was to be the 22 year-old's last after he accepted an award at the wekeend's Bet Awards and said "My last album that's coming out in two days. ... I just want to thank all my fans. It's dedicated to y'all. This one's for y'all, man, I appreciate everything." However the quote was strenuously played down his rep, who claimed that he meant "last" as in, the album that he's just finished completing.