The Kiss Kiss hitmaker took to social media to share a black and white video clip of himself at a police station in the Netherlands, where he revealed he and his entourage were being fined for the violation.

In the footage, Chris explained, "So I'm in Amsterdam, we're in the police station. We gotta pay this damn fine. Didn't have no tags... (sic)! Public service announcement kids: Do not ride motor vehicles without license plates!"

The singer then confesses to breaking the law, but claims the tags had slipped his mind as he and his pals had just purchased the bikes.

"Sorry, we just bought the bikes, forgot about the license plate..." he said. "So, we're handling the situation..."

He went on to admit authorities had been treating him well, stating, "The police are really nice about it, man. I actually like the police out here. Cool as s**t, for real."

According to, Brown subsequently paid the fine and was allowed to walk free.

The news comes a week after Chris was accused of stomping on a fan's head while staging a nightclub appearance during the Cannes Film Festival last month (May16).

The star was performing at the Gotha nightclub in Cannes on 18 May (16), when Malek Mokrani was among the party-goers in attendance. In video footage obtained by editors at, Brown was seen on a platform, trying to move away from a large cluster of people, and in the process, he appeared to step on a man's head. The singer was then featured angrily turning around before walking away from the commotion.

It is unclear what happened to prompt the fracas onstage, but Mokrani claimed he was hospitalised with neck and head pains as a result of Brown's supposed actions, and revealed he was planning to file a police report over the incident.