An obsessed fan has been ordered to stay away from Chris Brown for five years.

Danielle Patti - who is currently in a psychiatric hospital - has been told by a judge not to go near the 'Run It' hitmaker, his home or any of his concerts after previously being arrested last December and again in April for trespassing at the singer's estate, TMZ reports.

It is currently unclear when Danielle will be released from hospital.

In May, Chris received a temporary restraining order against Danielle after she harassed him for sexual favours and even filed for a restraining order against him.

According to the court documents, on one of the woman's unwanted visits to his Woodland Hills abode, she shouted things like ''I love you'' and ''Chris are you going to eat my p***y''.

The 27-year-old star believes the woman is delusional about having a relationship with him.

In April, Danielle, who has claimed to be dating the 'Kiss Kiss' singer, reportedly waited by Chris' front gate until it opened for another visitor and then made her way into the grounds.

She was found by the star's security staff, who detained her until police arrived and arrested her on two counts of trespassing.

Last December, the 27-year-old obsessive fan was said to have driven her car onto Chris' property and then refused to leave.

She later accused the singer of purposefully trying to have her arrested and attempted to obtain a protective order against him amid allegations he had threatened her on social media.

The order was granted in March, but a Los Angeles judge refused to make it permanent weeks later after she failed to provide evidence of any threats.