Chris Brown has released a lyrical assault on Drake over CHIEF KEEF's much rotated "I Don't Like" beat. Chris' version of the song features several jabs at the 'Take Care' singer, his music, appearance and reputation in the music industry.
Brown does commend Drake's Young Money counterparts LIL' WAYNE and Nicki Minaj in the song, wanting to make it clear that the only bad blood is between him and Drizzy. Brown also, albeit briefly, references the alleged June 14 skirmish between him and members of Drake's entourage at New York's now defunct W.i.P. nightclub. In the song he says; "They throwing bottles/I'm throwing models."
Brown posted a photo on his Instagram following the event, showing the singer sporting a small, but bloody gash on his chin. This quickly made its rounds and soon more and more people came forward claiming injuring and distress from the tussle. The singer's bodyguard also sustained a head injury as did NBA star Tony Parker, Australian tourist who goes under the pseudonym Hollie C. and two more people.
Drake's PR have denied any involvement from the R&B singer in the event, believed have stemmed from a feud over singer Rihanna, whom both have been romantically involved with.
Still, no arrests or police intervention has been made thus far and is looking increasingly as though no police intervention will be made.