Chris Brown is dead? So go the rumours on the internet at the moment anyway, and though many are aggrieved at his apparent lack of remorse for his actions back in 2009 when he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna - a situation confused by her apparent forgiveness of him - would they go as far as wishing he was dead?
The rumors - and they are just that - have gone beyond the average Twitter fare that sees an attempt to get 'rip[insert celebrity's name' trending on the microblogging site, reports E! Online, with the perpetuators also populating as many YouTube videos of the star and Facebook pages that they could find. "Rest in peace - may you be greeted in heaven by seventy virgins and a baseball bat," read one comment on the video 'Turn Up the Music.' "I know that's what you always wanted."
"I didn't like him as a person, I don't like his music, but still I believe that no-one should die at such a young age," read another. "Rip Chris, you'll be beating women in hell from now to eternity." It would appear that the rumor is now dying down with the original account now deleted and many of Brown's fans reacting to the rumors by arguing that Rip means "Really Talented Person," which in truth doesn't make any sense whatsoever.