The Loyal hitmaker returned to a Los Angeles court on Friday (20Mar15), when he learned he would no longer have to report his every move to authorities.

The judge overseeing the singer's case decided to sign off on Brown's probation period after receiving a glowing report from his probation officer, who praised the star for completing his court-ordered community service sentence of 1,000 hours.

The positive review is an about-turn from Brown's circumstances two months ago (Jan15), when he had to postpone the start of his joint tour with Trey Songz after having his probation revoked for leaving Los Angeles County to play a gig in San Jose, California without the proper permission.

The issue could have landed Brown more jail time, but it appears the probation officer was more than satisfied with his explanation for breaking the court order, according to

Brown, who spent time in jail last year (14) for a parole violation, marked the legal victory by taking to after Friday's hearing and writing, "IM (sic) OFF PROBATION!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord!!!!!!".

The singer kicked off his delayed Between the Sheets tour in February (15), but his criminal record recently forced Brown to cancel a string of sold-out Canadian shows after immigration officials denied him entry into the country.

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