The Chris Brown and Drake fight rumbles on, with the bar in question now claiming it's going to sue the two music stars for their disturbance. It's been incredibly well documented now that Chris Brown and Drake, both previous exes of pop star Rihanna remember, and their respective entourages came to blows at the Greenhouse club in New York on June 14th, an incident that saw Nba star Tony Parker injured, as well as several other people in attendance.
The lawsuit comes from a company with ties to the bar itself - which was closed down for a period following the incident as it was one of a few similar occurrences - and they are claiming $16 million worth of damages from the pair. Entertainment Enterprises believes that the pair instigated, encouraged, or at least failed to stop the fight, according to Fox. The lawsuit claims "It's their posse, and they're in charge, and to the extent that they could have controlled or dissipated whatever was going on, we don't believe they did."
EE aren't exactly in the clear themselves though, with various suits amounting to some $20 million being aimed at them over the incident too. Additionally, they're still fighting a State Liquor Authority effort to revoke its liquor license.