Singer-turned-actor Chris Brown wants to prove he can do more than sing and dance - the star performed "96 per cent" of his stunts in forthcoming bank heist movie TAKERS.
Brown plays Jesse Attica in the movie, the youngest member in a gang of thieves which also includes Idris Elba and rapper/actor T.I.
In a show-stealing action sequence, the Run It! hitmaker is chased through the streets of Los Angeles by Matt Dillon's character, Detective Jack Welles, and partner Eddie Hatcher, played by Jay Hernandez.
And the 21 year old is eager to show himself as an action star - after convincing producers to allow him to leap through windows, scale buildings and jump on cars while filming the heated chase.
He tells MTV News, "The most thrilling part about this movie is probably the stunts. I do, like, 96 per cent of my stunts. Some stunts they wanna use the doubles; I don't wanna use the double! And they're like, 'We have to for safety and insurance issues...'
"When acting, I feel like it's cool to use your strengths, but it's also cool to use your other abilities as well. I didn't just wanna do movies that had consistent dancing and singing. I wanted to do stuff that pushes me as an actor at the end of the day."