Chris Brown has denied he insulted hip-hop mogul JAY-Z in an online rant during the recent American Music Awards (AMAs) - insisting his comments were blown "out of proportion."
The R&B singer posted the word "cornball" on his blog as the rapper accepted his trophy for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the 23 November (09) ceremony.
Brown removed the message from his page when he was flooded with enquiries from fans demanding to know whether he was talking about Jay-Z.
The singer was shocked when the story hit headlines and he's now spoken out to insist he never meant to insult the rapper.
He tells U.S radio station Sirius Satellite Radio, "My Twitter didn’t get hacked, people blew it out of proportion. I was also commenting on certain things going on the AMAs but I was still Tweeting randomly about what was going on. Everybody was like 'Oh he’s making an excuse.' I just said 'cornball.' I wasn't talking about homie (Jay-Z) at all.
"At that moment, I started seeing the comments, 'Oh you talking about Jay? You talking about Jay?' I was like hell nah, then I said let me delete this before this gets out proportion. I don’t need no problems right now, I don’t need no more people cussing me out.
"They blew it up and I was like man, whatever.”
And Brown is adamant he isn't feuding with the Big Pimpin' hitmaker, following rumours they fell out after the singer's February (09) fight with his girlfriend, Jay-Z's protege, Rihanna.
Brown adds, "I never really talked to homie (Jay-Z). It ain't no beefs (feud), I just get my money and he gets his.”