Chris Brown 's PR have had a tough old job on their hand trying to convince people to see the good in a man apparently unrepentant for his actions on the eve of the Grammy Award in 2009 when he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in a sustained attack. It's worked within the industry at least, with people eager to continue to work and collaborate with him - including, erm, Rihanna herself.
However the wider public haven't been as impressed, and as his fifth album 'Fortune' drops it's clear that his apparent lack of humility has rankled the critics. The Chicago Tribune offers the best review, but even they can only muster that "Chris Brown's fifth studio album, Fortune, is a pure-pop candy cane, meant to be enjoyed, consumed and forgotten." Entertainment Weekly meanwhile commented, "Almost nothing here swerves out of Fortune's featherweight club-funk cruising lane."
It continues: the Bbc say "Fortune is never terrible. It just feels cripplingly pointless" while All Music Guide write "Some of the productions, courtesy of the Runners, Adonis, and Kevin MCCall, save it from being a disaster." However if you were beginning to get the feeling that the critics were just waiting for a chance to give Brown a good shoeing then it becomes explicit with MusicOmh's damning appraisal "Fortune is the kind of record that will please Brown's many deluded female fans, but we cannot with good conscience give it a single star."