LATEST: Hollywood actress Chloe Sevigny has rubbished reports she was dumped by the William Morris Agency after performing a sex act on screen - saying it was she who ended their association.

The 29-year-old star shocked critics and audiences alike with her performance in Vincent Gallo's movie Brown Bunny, in which she is seen giving the controversial film-maker oral sex.

But Sevigny insists that despite the media storm, she made the decision to end her eight-year business relationship with the firm.

Her spokesperson AMANDA HORTON tells PAGE SIX, "After being represented by William Morris for eight years, last summer, Ms. Sevigny decided that she no longer wished to be represented by the agency.

"At no time did William Morris try and 'drop' Ms. Sevigny, as any official representative from William Morris would tell you if they weren't all on vacation."

05/01/2004 18:04