Chloe Sevigny often goes on shopping ''hiatuses'' and won't purchase any new garments for ''three months''.

The 44-year-old actress has opened up about her own shopping ''addiction'', revealing she often challenges herself to not purchase any new pieces of clothing to help her ''rediscover'' how to be ''comfortable'' with what she already has in her wardrobe.

She told Grazia: ''[I have a shopping] addiction. It helps fill a void. I'm trying to figure out what that void is on a higher plane. How does one feed that desire for something new to make them feel better, or sexier?

''I'll often go on hiatuses where I have to stop, where I have to stop, where I have to say to myself that I'm not going to buy anything for three months. I've gone for six months, even a year, without purchasing things, which helps you rediscover how to be comfortable with what you already have.''

The 'American Horror Story' star also explained that she did a ''very large purge'' of her own wardrobe and approached her garments with the Marie Kondo method, which is a system of simplifying and organising your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life.

She added: ''I tried to do a very large purge. Why was I holding on to all of this stuff? It was ridiculous. I went through, asking, 'Am I really going to pull this off any more?' or 'Did I buy this 20 years ago and never wear it?'

''It was so difficult but it felt good to send it out into the startosphere.''

And Chloe insisted that she likes her style to be ''daring'' and runway-esque, rather than ''red carpet''.

She continued: ''I think it's more daring, perhaps, my style. Whenever I'm working with hair and make-up, or my stylist, I say not to make me look too actressy. I always say, 'Think runway, not red carpet'.''