Chloë Sevigny wants to have a child - so she has someone to hand her old clothes down to.

The 43-year-old actress admitted the amount of old wardrobe items she's held on to is ''a little embarrassing'' but they all hold treasured memories for her, though she's got no idea what to do with the garments in the future.

In an interview with her 'Lizzie' co-star Kristen Stewart for Who What Wear, she said: ''I have pieces that I wore over and over again in high school. My collection is vast and exhaustive and a little embarrassing.''

''Just all the pieces that I hold and think about what was happening when I was wearing them. The sense memory of that.''

''I still have the shirt I wore in the movie 'Kids'. I have the bunny ears I made for 'Gummo'. I have all kinds of weird articles from different characters I've played, photo shoots, events, my Oscar dress.

''It's embarrassing. I better have a daughter soon or I don't know what's gonna happen.''

The 'American Horror Story' star has her own quirky style and has admitted that her unique look and acting style made it difficult when building a career in Hollywood.

She said: ''Everyone was like, 'You have to be more approachable. Hollywood thinks you're too weird. You're never going to get any parts.' Meanwhile I was like, 'Johnny Depp gets to be weird!' But it didn't work for me.''

Although Chloe struggled at the beginning of her career, she now believes her unusual style has become more accepted by the industry.

She said: ''Well now that's acceptable, now 'weird' is a brand. But before, it wasn't. Before, you were telling Hollywood you didn't want to be a part of it.''