Chloë Sevigny has ''a lot of issues with fashion''.

The 42-year-old former model -who landed her first fashion campaign at the age of 17 in Sassy magazine - has admitted despite appearing in commercials for luxury brands including Miu Miu, J W Anderson and Jimmy Choo she doesn't ''love'' the fashion and beauty industry, although she does have an interest in style.

Speaking about her thoughts on the business to Net-A-Porter's the Edit magazine, the blonde beauty said: ''I don't love fashion. I have a lot of issues with the fashion industry and its beauty ideals. But I love style.

''If Rihanna was in my outfit, the tabloids would love it. They have a hard time understanding me.''

However, the 'American Horror Story' actress has admitted she is still interested in designer labels and what they represent, especially Prada.

She said: ''I love what Mrs Prada stands for - you can tell she is a real intellectual and a lover of the arts.''

But Chloe hasn't always adorned expensive garments from luxury labels, as she has admitted she used to sift through her mother Janine's ''treasure chest'' of clothes from the sixties and even wore a dress from her parents collection to her school prom.

She explained: ''I would go to dances in my thrift-store Laura Ashley dress. During high school, I had this whole treasure chest of my mom's clothes from the '60s. I wore her prom dress to my prom.''

And the American star is currently trying to get her hands on the ''perfect kilt skirt'' and a pair of classic jeans, because she thinks they are the wardrobe staple every woman needs.

She said: ''I'm always on the quest for the perfect kilt skirt and the perfect pair of jeans. I think every woman is.''