Chloe Moretz watches the Disney Channel to cope with the dark roles she plays.

The 15-year-old actress is renowned for choosing tough characters in her movies and while she loves her work, Chloe uses the perky shows on the channel as ''uppers''.

She told American Marie Claire magazine: ''I like doing dark material, which is interesting since I'm such the opposite person. I'm so light and happy. I have a good family and I'm loved.

''I'll watch the Disney Channel. My family makes fun of me for it, but with the characters I do, I always use that as my upper.''

Chloe recently revealed she almost lost out on the lead role in the supernatural horror remake of 'Carrie' - because she was too young.

The actress was desperate to take on the part of the bullied schoolgirl in the new version of the movie but was warned by studio MGM she might not get it because her age meant they would have working restrictions.

She said: ''I read the script and when I did I completely fell in love. At first it was just a draft and it was already amazing. It was a beautifully sculptured script.

''And then they said, 'You're 15 and the character's 17/18 so you're probably not going to get the role because you're too young. They don't want a minor because of the timing issues etc.' And I just said, 'Watch me, watch me do this.' ''