Chloe Moretz doesn't think swearing is a big deal.

The 'Kick-Ass 2' actress has drawn criticism for her foul-mouthed role as Hit-Girl in the action franchise, but while she doesn't swear in real life, she thinks vulgar language is given too much ''gravity'' by society.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''I try not to [swear]. I think you look more intelligent when you don't. I think we give curse words too much gravity. I think they have too much sway in life. It's just a word and it's just silly, to be honest.''

The 16-year-old star thinks everyone is liable to use bad language at some point in their life, and says it's silly to judge people for their choice of words.

She added: ''People do stupid stuff. Everyone's going to do something stupid at some point ... when you're with friends, you're going to mess up and do something stupid.''

Chloe previously came under fire for using words like ''****'' when she was aged just 11 in 2010's 'Kick-Ass', but the mature youngster was given approval to do the film by her mother, who is her biggest confidante.

She said: ''My mum, I look to for advice on pretty much everything from personal advice to business advice.

''If I ask a question, it's advice, and it's a discussion if we have to discuss things. I think the discussions come from the work side of it and the advice is for the personal things.''

'Kick-Ass 2' is in cinemas on August 14.