Chloe Moretz was thrilled when 'Hick' co-star Blake Lively allowed her to try on some shoes from her Christian Louboutin collection.

The 'Gossip Girl' actress owns over 100 pairs of the designer shoes and 14-year-old Chloe says a highlight of working with Blake was when the star brought 40 pairs of shoes on location in North Carolina with her and generously let her co-star try them on.

Chloe told People: "We were [on set] in North Carolina and she brought like 40 pairs with her. And she said, 'This is like one-third of my collection.' They're tall. Really tall."

Chloe attended a tribute to Pedro Almodovar at New York's Museum of Modern Art on Monday (14.11.11) and took her mother as her date and Chloe revealed she is thrilled to look like her "beautiful" mother.

She said: "Mom's a pretty good date. We look exactly alike and she's beautiful."

While Chloe loves trying on designer clothes, she recently revealed she strives to look "flirty" yet age appropriate on the red carpet.

She said: "It's all up to my stylist, Nell Kalonji. I owe it to her for everything she pulls for me and puts together for me. [I] have to be very age appropriate, but at the same time flirty and chic and young.

"I definitely keep it safe because I'm not that kind of girl. I'm not risque - I'm very normal and grounded. So I definitely don't want to get older when I have a lot of time to do that."