The 19-year-old actress has been linked to a number of eligible young male celebrities, including Brooklyn Beckham and Chance the Rapper, but denies she's involved with either star.

When it comes to dating, Chloe believes anyone who does want to win her heart will have to organise a date that's far more exciting than a traditional trip to a restaurant.

"I want to be with someone who's adventurous and wants to go do something," she told America's Complex magazine. "Don't take me to Nobu (a Japanese restaurant chain) and get me nigiri. I'm OK. I can take myself to Nobu. I don't need someone to take me to Nobu."

Although the Carrie star wants a lover who takes her to adventurous places, she far prefers a quiet night in with friends to a night out partying, saying, "I'd much rather have 15 people over to my house and have a fun, laid-back night than go to some party and have some kid vomiting in the corner. Nothing makes me want to do that at all."

The starlet is also opposed to the current vogue among celebrities, led by Taylor Swift, for talking about their "squad" of other famous friends.

Despite admitting she's been invited to join Taylor's gang alongside mutual friend Selena Gomez she said, “They appropriate exclusivity. They’re cliques."

In her love life however, she's open to pairing up, as in January (16) she told U.S. talk show host Wendy Williams she was experimenting with meeting different types of guys.

"Right now I'm just trying to figure out who I like," she said. "Like if I have a taste in guys, if there's, like, a type that I have. I don't really know if I have a type. It's like a tapas dinner right now and I'm just trying to figure out which one (I like)."