Chloe Grace Moretz wanted to ''hide'' following her breakup with Brooklyn Beckham.

The 20-year-old actress split from the 18-year-old aspiring photographer last year after an on/off romance and Chloe admitted she found the split painful.

She told Australia's Stellar magazine: ''I went through a hard year and I'm not going to hide that. I had to deal with this new level of fame while I was growing up, I was getting out of a relationship and all of it was very public. I wanted to hide.''

However, Chloe - who rekindled her romance with Brooklyn earlier this year - revealed her family encouraged her not to hide away.

She said: ''They were like, 'That's all great that you want to go away - but you can't. You are your own person. You're going to have to deal with this sort of thing.' I felt like things were falling apart, like my head and heart weren't in the same place. Things started to change when I saw I have the power within to change them.''

Chloe recently opened up about her rekindled romance with Brooklyn, explaining that they ''chose each other''.

She said: ''I think we chose each other. It's been years now off and on and it's just one of those things, you come back and it's like no time spent away from each other at all.

''I think that's the most important thing and you're lives are an open book. We like to have our own little private world and I think that's important for both of us.''

Chloe gets along ''very, very well'' with Brooklyn's famous parents, David and Victoria Beckham, but she admitted she was in awe of the former Spice Girls singer when they first met.

She gushed about the 43-year-old fashion designer: ''I think if anyone didn't say that when they met her, that would be shocking.

''I think she's one of the most incredible, important, smart, sophisticated businesswomen and mothers that I've ever met. She's a real heart and a real beautiful person.''