Teen star Chloe Grace Moretz has signed up for sewing lessons so she can design her own costume for the upcoming Carrie remake.
The 15-year-old actress decided that sewing her own clothes would help her get into character as she prepares to play tortured teenager Carrie White in the forthcoming horror reboot.
Moretz took to her Twitter.com page on Thursday (07Jun12) to share her progress, tweeting, "Learning to sew for Carrie!! I learned 2 weeks of sewing in 2 hours! Made a tote (bag)."
The star also posted photos of herself hard at work with an industrial sewing machine, as well as a snap of the finished product.
Moretz is sharpening her sewing skills so she can create the dress she will wear in the film's key prom scene, in which Carrie wreaks havoc with her supernatural powers.