The actress has been dating David and Victoria Beckham's model son on and off for two years, but they only recently decided to confirm reports suggesting they were going steady and serious after tiring of trying to outsmart the paparazzi on date nights.

But if Chloe and Brooklyn thought the romance reveal would help drive the snappers and the gossips onto another young couple in love, they were sadly mistaken.

And now Moretz admits they were both more than a little surprised that so many people were bothered about their relationship.

"It's a little shocking," she tells "I think we were both taken a little aback about how many people actually cared.

"I think everyone is looking for the new 'it' couple and I think the thing with he (Brooklyn) and I is that we have real jobs and aspirations and I don’t think you see that very much.

"You see a lot of fads and you see a lot of people who do a lot of things for fame and I think the opposite of us. We really do enjoy each other a lot, we’ve known each other for years and didn’t do this for anything except for the fact that we want to be together."