A stalker has been arrested twice in the space of 24 hours at Chloe Grace Moretz's house.

An 18-year-old man was reportedly charged with misdemeanour trespassing on Sunday (30.07.19) night after he allegedly jumped the front gate of the actress' family home in Los Angeles, California, and knocked the door in the hope that he could meet her.

However, he didn't get the greeting that he expected as a member of the 22-year-old star's family answered the door and ushered him away before calling the police.

He was arrested outside Chloe's home as he was sat in his car waiting for her to return.

Despite spending the night in the cell, the man clearly hadn't learnt his lesson as he allegedly went back to the 'If I Stay' actress' mansion as soon as he was released, hopped over the fence and knocked on the door again, according to gossip site TMZ.com.

He was picked up by the police a few blocks away at 8:45pm on Monday (01.07.19) and held on a $150,000 bail - up a staggering amount from his $1,000 bail the first time.

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty recently said attending therapy sessions has been a huge ''help'' to her because it's made her realise that she's not the only one with issues.

She said recently: ''I think mental health, it's important to me as a human, but especially I think as an actor, it really helps. But I think there should always be someone that you talk to, whether it's an actual therapist or not. I like an actual therapist because you gain a breadth of emotional vocabulary, and it gives you a way to deal with everyday struggles, and also to see that your problems aren't singular. When you see that your problems are honestly kind of general, it's cathartic. And you see that you are not that special, which I thought was really great. I'm like, 'Oh my god, I have all these issues it's only me!' She was like, 'It's not only you, everyone deals with these and they are actually very common, and it's OK and you are going to be fine.' That's the best.''