Teenage actress Chloe Grace Moretz is determined to remain a role model for young girls because she has worked too hard to become a leading Hollywood name to throw it all away on a wild night out.

The Kick-Ass star insists she will never go off the rails like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears because she has no interest in becoming a party girl.

She tells Nylon magazine, "I'm, like, incredibly straight-laced, considering what some 16 year olds are doing.

"It's probably because I've gone to nice events with big people there since I was a young girl. Kids my age at school are fighting to get into clubs and be around an open bar, whereas I've had the opportunity to drink and do drugs if I wanted to, and I haven't.

"I look around me and go, 'God's put me here for a reason. Why would I want to go take a drug or do something that can strip away everything I've worked for?' This business is not peaches and cream, and I've fought tooth and nail to earn this spot."