Chloe Grace Moretz has got a new tattoo inked underneath her breast.

The 20-year-old actress appears to have had the words ''It gets better than this'' inked on her rib cage by tattoo artist Dr Woo - who has previously been used by the likes of Drake, Miley Cyrus and Ellie Goulding.

Alongside the now-deleted picture of Chloe's inking on Instagram, he wrote: ''Some healed ones on @chloegmoretz (sic)''

The blonde beauty has seven tattoos in total, including a tribute to her grandmother and her signature on her back, as well as a rose and cross on her thigh.

The '5th Wave' star also has the number 4419 on her hip to mark the number of miles she drove on a country expedition when she turned 18 in 2015.

Explaining the meaning behind the tattoo, she previously said: ''It represents coming of age.''

Chloe also has a tattoo that represents the LGBT community, as two of her brothers are gay, and a tribute to her late sister, who passed away when she was two days old.

Discussing her body art, Chloe previously shared: ''A colour spectrum on my hip for LGBT pride and the print of my sister's feet - who passed away when she was like, two days old on my ankle.''

Dr Woo has previously inked Chloe's ex-boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham's father David.

And the 18-year-old aspiring photographer has said he plans on getting as many tattoos as his retired soccer star dad.

He shared: ''I want to start with something meaningful, but eventually I'll probably end up looking like my dad. Dr. Woo is my favourite tattooist from Shamrock in LA.''