Chloe Grace Moretz felt there was more ''trust'' on the set of her latest movie because most of the crew were women.

The 21-year-old actress stars in 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' and says the atmosphere on set was much different as well as the end result because of the ''female lens''.

She told the Independent newspaper: ''With pretty much everyone on the set being a woman, I wasn't told what I had to get done in the scene; they trusted me to do my job, and Ashley shot it not focusing on the a** and the bodies, just the beauty and reality of it. And it's still really intimate, and more emotionally provoking than most I've seen on screen ever, but that's because of the female lens.''

Meanwhile, Chloe previously confessed she was thankful she had a female director when it came to her sex scene in the movie.

Speaking about the way filmmaker Desiree Akhavan handled the sensitive scene, she said: ''The representation of femininity and female pleasure is usually very clinical and objective when shot through a male gaze. Desiree hid herself and the crew away and just let it be Quinn and me and our female director of photography. That takes strength as a director. She allows the people she hires to do the jobs she hired them to do. As much direction as she gave me, she also didn't. She knew when to just let us be the characters.''