The outspoken 19 year old tells she's supporting Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House over fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, and she thinks Republican Trump has no chance of succeeding Barack Obama as U.S. leader.

The Kick-Ass star claims the property tycoon and former Celebrity Apprentice star's success so far "shows that America is a completely reality TV-driven world", adding the fact so many people are rallying behind Trump highlights a big problem in America.

"We have had this underlying amount of sexism and racism that we thought was dormant, but in reality, (it) was this aggressively cancerous thing that has now somehow come to an uprising," she adds.

"We are at a real contrast between someone who is very progressive and someone who is very regressive and I think it’s a generation that doesn’t really stand for the grey line anymore. We can’t just settle for mediocre; we have to stand up for what we really want. Donald Trump is a joke for America, it makes us look silly."

Many of the actress' young Hollywood peers are also supporting Clinton for president and when asked why she prefers the former First Lady to Senator Sanders, she explains, "I think one can really get things done and the other is a little bit too polarising for both parties. I think you need someone who is even keel enough to be able to juggle both Republican and Democratic parties because you need someone to be able to shake someone’s hand and get things done and not yell at their faces and cut people off during speeches."

But she will be voting - and she urges America's youth to follow her lead, adding, "I think that you don’t have a right to complain about the state of our government unless you use your right to vote and you use your right as a citizen."