Chloe Grace Moretz and Jack O'Connell have been cast as Bonnie and Clyde in the upcoming movie 'Love Is a Gun'.

The 21-year-old American actress and the 28-year-old British star are set to portray the notorious pair in the adaptation based on Jeff Guinn's 2010 tome, 'Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde'.

The film will be helmed by Spanish filmmaker Kike Maíllo - who is best known for 'Eva', which won him the 2011 Goya Award for Best New Director - and is being adapted for the big screen by Golden Globe-winner Sheldon Turner.

Producers told Variety: ''We are excited to reintroduce the iconic story of Bonnie and Clyde.

''Their story remains ubiquitous in popular culture across the globe, yet few in this generation know the details of their intimate love affair and the circumstances that led to their notorious crime spree that captured the imagination of the world in their time.

''Kike, Chloe, and Jack are completely in sync about the character-driven approach we will be taking, and we feel lucky to have a creative team of this high caliber leading us forward.''

Chloe and Jack follow in the footsteps of the original Bonnie and Clyde, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, who starred in 1967 classic.

Set in the 1930s, the period of the Great Depression, the criminals robbed banks and stores together and killed cops, before being shot for their crimes in Louisiana.

Production for 'Love is a Gun' is set to begin in early 2019.