Chloe Grace Moretz, Bryan Cranston and Chris Colfer were among the celebrities who felt out of this world over the weekend (20May12) after catching a glimpse of a rare solar eclipse.
Sky watchers in western America and Asia were warned to to protect their eyes as the rare "ring of fire" eclipse crossed their skies on Sunday (20May12), and a number of stars took to the pages to discuss the event, in which the moon passes over the sun leaving a golden edge.
Glee's Chris Colfer asked, "Solar eclipse! Solar eclipse! Anyone else watching it through four pairs of sunglasses?" while Breaking Bad star Cranston simply wrote, "What a world."
Sean Astin and Billy Ray Cyrus posted pictures of the natural phenomenon, while Jenna Elfman complained, "Just spent so long trying to figure out how to view the damn solar eclipse w/o (without) going blind, I missed it."
However, not everyone was impressed - Ryan Seacrest was happy to be kept in the dark during the eclipse, tweeting, "Watching TV instead of the eclipse. I like my vision just the way it is, thank u (sic) very much."