British newcomer Chloe Moretz has defended her decision to star in Matthew Vaughn's controversial new movie KICK-ASS.
The director has come under fire from critics in Britain who claim the film is too violent for the big screen, and that 13-year-old Moretz should not have been cast as assassin Hit Girl, a character who uses bad language throughout the movie.
But Moretz, who was 11 when she shot the scenes, insists she felt mature enough to tackle the role.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "It's a movie. Obviously a little girl can't beat up and kill huge, heavy men. I don't see how anyone wouldn't realise it's not real. It is a controversial role, but it was a role I wanted to do.
"If I said a sixteenth of the words I say in that movie at home, I would be grounded for the rest of my life for sure."