Chloe Madeley is ''considering'' freezing her eggs.

The 30-year-old model has admitted that whilst she isn't in a position to have children at this point in her life, she is thinking of taking the precaution of freezing her eggs so that she can enter motherhood later in her life.

Speaking on Thursday's (18.01.18) episode of 'Loose Women', she said: ''I talk about it because I'm 30 now and I really don't know if I want kids. And I think as a woman, being a 30-year-old woman and saying that is quite a big deal for some people. I think a lot of people, my mother included, would say 'But what if, when you decide you do, it's too late?' So I'm definitely considering freezing my eggs just in case, like to kind of hedge my bets.''

But the decision isn't set in stone, as the blonde beauty isn't sure she wants to part with the hefty price tag attached to the process.

She added: ''My god is it a lot of money. So I'm just like, thinking about it. It's tens of thousands.''

Chloe's boyfriend and English rugby player James Haskell also isn't concerned with parenthood at the moment, and would rather splash the cash on an expensive car.

Asked how he felt about children, he said: ''Probably the same answer. I think I'd rather have a Lamborghini than a kid at the moment but we'll see. It's about the same price apparently, £250,000 until they're 18. Wrong crowd, sorry.''

And Chloe thinks the reason their three-year relationship works so well is because they feel the same way about important issues such as parenthood.

She said: ''We're on the same page with it. I think it would be really hard if we were completely [opposite].''

To which James quipped: ''I just do what I'm told to do.''