The British actors are currently filming Marvel movie Doctor Strange together and Chiwetel has witnessed firsthand how full-on the Sherlock star's fans can be. Benedict's supporters - nicknamed Cumberb**ches - are a far cry from Chiwetel's own followers, and the 38-year-old actor is glad his fans are a lot calmer.

"This is something that I'm very grateful for, but on the whole, people are very respectful with me," he told "They're nice, and they ask for an autograph or photograph, and it very rarely has any kind of hysterical quality to it. That's the thing I don't respond very well to, and I see it very often with friends of mine.

"For example, I'm working with Benedict Cumberbatch at the moment, and people have that quality when they're around him. They get a little hysterical about it, and that is really odd to watch. To be in the centre of that is very peculiar."

Both actors have received critical acclaim during their careers, with Benedict garnering a Best Actor nomination for his role in The Imitation Game earlier this year (15) and Chiwetel receiving the same nod last year (14) for his role in 12 Years a Slave. When the Vulture writer suggested he isn't on the receiving end of hysteria like Benedict because he stars in such sophisticated projects, the actor couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, so does he!" he said. "But people still get a bit nuts. Each actor influences the people who go to see their movies in totally different ways. It's fascinating to see that distinction in action, but I'm sort of glad it's not something I contend with."