British rapper Chipmunk is wheelchair-bound following a high-speed crash on a quad bike during a recent vacation.

The Oopsy Daisy hitmaker, real name Jahmaal Bailey, crashed his motorised vehicle at full speed while on holiday on the Greek island of Crete.

Bailey made his fans aware of the accident on Thursday (10Jul14) by posting a series of pictures on detailing his injuries.

In the images, he is shown with blood rushing down the side of his face and lying on an operating table with a neck brace. He also posted a close-up of his head stitches and another of him in a wheelchair sporting large bandages around his head.

The rapper, who is now back in England, explained the accident and revealed he cannot move his right leg.

He writes, "Today I was meant to fly to La (Los Angeles) to put my finishing touches at last on records to be properly released... It's been a good 3 years since I've had an official release. So you could imagine how gutted I am. Same speed I'm just merciful to be alive. I know people that have died from bike crashes...

"Quad Bike crash full speed... that looked like a scene out of Final Destination meets Fast & Furious. Came out with 12 stiches (sic) to the head... Grazes all over my body... And no use of my right leg. But can move my toes a lil (little)."

The rapper also told how he was later rushed to hospital on Wednesday (09Jul14) after falling unconscious.

He continues,"So last night I was coolin (relaxing)... Then out of no where (sic) lost consciousness... Went green... Then white... Then had to get rushed to hospital. Where I met that Witch of a doc (doctor). They gave me further examinations which showed no signs of internal bleeding but my leg considering there was no break or fracture was infected and heavily bruised hence me not being able to move it... Just praying on a smooth recovery man."

On Friday (11Jul14), Chipmunk thanked his fans for their get well messages.