Hip-hop star Chingy has been urged to hand over royalty payments - to comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES.

DeGeneres recently viewed the rapper's video for his new track BALLA BABY, when she saw he'd included a cooing owl at the end of it.

As DeGeneres constantly makes owl noises on her talk show to playfully taunt her bird-fearing DJ TONY, she's now convinced that the star has swiped one of her ideas for himself.

She says, of the video, "The whole thing is about a pinball machine. The song has got nothing to do with owls, but at the end of it there's an owl and he's hooting like I hoot.

"Chingy's ripping me off! Chingy must've been, 'I like the way she does that right thurr, right thurr.'

"I want my royalties, Chingy. Give me some money! Chingy's gonna give me some blingy!"

13/10/2004 21:40