RIGHT THURR hitmaker Chingy has inadvertently ignited the spark on a new rap war of words by dissing Nelly on a new track.

The laid back rapper, who upset Ludacris last year (04) after quitting the Georgia rap star's Disturbing Tha Peace organisation after accusing his former bosses of financial mismanagement, can now be heard slamming Nelly on a new 'dis' record, WE GOT.

Fronting the HOOD STARZ, Chingy can be heard accusing Nelly of copying style and rap tips from him.

But Chingy insists the record isn't new, and was something he recorded at the beginning of his career.

He says, "That record right there, that's some old material. I done that when this all started."

But Chingy feels the 'dis' record is appropriate because he's sick of being maligned in the press by his peers - like Ludacris and Nelly.

He adds, "I'm tired of these guys taking shots at me in all these interviews and songs with subliminal shots.

"Business is business. I'm the one who sold three million records, and I'm still getting money back that Disturbing Tha Peace had in their possession. Ludacris knows what I'm talking about."

11/01/2005 09:46