Rapper Chingy hails the best thing about his musical success is the fact that he can now eat food whenever he wants to.

Before topping the charts with his tracks, the RIGHT THURR hitmaker found the basic act of eating was something he often saw as a luxury.

He says, "This biggest change is that I'm able to eat when I want to eat. In the past I could eat. I couldn't buy food. I didn't even have $3 in my pocket.

"But now I have no problems eating. I can support my family, people that are around me and help them... My dream is coming true. That's the biggest thing."

But his culinary freedom has come at a price - he can no longer roam the streets as freely as he used to.

He adds, "Sometimes you want a normal day where you don't want to be bothered. People run up to you and scream that you're there when you probably didn't want everybody to know. Sometimes it's cool, sometimes not."

17/11/2004 09:21