Rapper and actor Childish Gambino has assured fans he's Ok after a seven-page letter he posted on Instagram.com earlier this week (14Oct13) led many to believe he was quitting music.

The online post listed the star's concerns and anxieties, and in it Gambino, real name Donald Glover, wrote, "People hate who I really am" and added he no longer wanted to rap.

But, in an attempt to clear up his remarks, the hip-hop star contacted NME.com and stated, "I just don't like the term 'rapper'. It exists but I'm definitely not a rapper. Rap is all balances of coolness and who can do the most with just their bravado. I don't have that. That's not my game."

He added, "Kanye (West) says they won't let him make pants. This guy's a genius and they won't let him make cool s**t because he's a rapper. You can speak to Kid Cudi or to A$AP Rocky and they don't want to be rappers either. People don't think: 'Oh, he's a rapper and he has his own design company,' which is sad."

Asked why he felt he had to write the letter, Glover explained, "I felt like I needed to be heard. Everybody's so scared on the Internet, even though it's supposed to be the most freeing thing. They're actually afraid to say and do whatever. The Internet isn't a place where freethinking is rewarded."

And he also assured fans concerned about his wellbeing that he's not suffering a breakdown. "I'm not having a personality crisis, more like a personality burst. I just wanted to be honest. People are like, 'Ah, this guy is unstable,' but it's like, you guys are the ones who are unstable, you're just dying the same way your grandfather died, doing the same old f**ked up s**t. I'm just being alive."