A security guard was stabbed during a Chikinki concert during the Texan SOUTH BY SOUTH WEST festival last Saturday (21MAR04).

The incident happened around 1am when the British band were finishing their set at THE COPPER TANK in Austin.

A spokesperson for the bar says the stabbing wasn't fatal but the victim needed surgery.

He explains, "There was a problem in one part of the bar and a security guard went over to deal with it. It was at that point that he was stabbed."

Chikinki frontman RUPERT BROWN says, "After the show we were just chilling out and suddenly the police came running in, they closed the place and told us to go home.

"There was an ambulance and we saw a stretcher being carried out. I think it happened in the kitchen which was also the backstage area."

The South By South West festival ran from 12 to 24 March (04).

26/03/2004 20:07