Teenage rapper Chief Keef has been slapped with another demand for child support after he was officially identified as the father of another baby.

A lawyer for the virile hip-hop star, real name Keith Cozart, appeared in a Chicago, Illinois courtroom on Monday (25Nov13) after the results of a Dna test revealed he was the dad of Erica Early's 10-month-old child.

Bridgeview Judge Russell Hartigan subsequently ordered Keef to pay $2,500 (£1,670) a month for the next 10 months to Early, and hand over a lump sum of $25,000 (£16,670) by 31 December (13) to help the new mum support the kid.

In addition, Judge Hartigan ruled that Keef should provide medical and life insurance for the baby, and ordered the star to return to court for another hearing on 27 January (14).

However, Early may struggle to obtain the funds from the 18 year old - he already owes thousands in child support to another woman, who gave birth to his daughter. He managed to avoid jail in that case last week (ends22Nov13) by sending the unnamed mother a cheque for $11,000 (£7,300) to pay off a portion of the $20,900 (£13,900) he owes her in back payments.

The rapper was not present for Monday's hearing as he is currently serving 90 days in court-ordered rehab after testing positive for marijuana. He had been ordered to stay sober and drug-free after pleading guilty to a charge of speeding, related to an arrest in May (13).