Rapper Chief Keef is heading to court in September (13) to face allegations he has failed to keep up with his child support payments.

In May (13), the 17 year old was ordered to hand over $2,600 (£1,677)-a-month to an unnamed teenage mother who claimed the star had fathered her daughter.

He was also told to offer up $500 (£322) in day care expenses and $10,400 (£6,709) in previously unpaid support.

The child's mother has now returned to court to accuse the hip-hop hitmaker of paying just $1,900 (£1,225) so far.

A judge has ordered Chief Keef - real name Keith Cozart - to attend a hearing in September (13) to explain why he has not kept up with the payments.

The star allegedly fathered the child when he was just 15.