A lot of Super Bowl viewers didn't snicker at a Snickers commercial that aired during the game; instead, they complained so loudly that Masterfoods, a division of the Mars candy company, decided not to show the spot again and remove it from its website. The spot showed two men eating a single Snickers candy bar from opposite ends, accidentally kissing (like the spaghetti-eating pooches in Lady and the Tramp) when they reached the cener, and reacting with disgust and anger. The commercial was extended on the website with members of the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts also registering their disgust at the kiss. Among organizations that complained about the spot were the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the Human Rights Campaign. In announcing its decision to yank the spot, a spokeswoman for Masterfoods observed that "humor is highly subjective." She added: "Feedback from our target consumers has been positive, and many media and Web site commentators on this year's Super Bowl lineup ranked the commercial among this year's best."