A second round of reviews for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen turned up in major newspapers today (Wednesday), and, by and large, they were no less negative than the ones that turned up a day before. As if sensing that his review will largely go unread by the people seeing the movie, Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune mentions a scene in which an aged Autobot utters the line "I'm too old for this crap." Comments Phillips "No matter, pal. You're not in the target demographic." In the Boston Globe , Ty Burr calls the sequel "2 1/2 hours of tumescence disguised as a motion picture." John Anderson in the Washington Post brands it "simply despicable." Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times concludes that the movie "is in-your-face, ear-splitting and unrelenting. It's easy to walk away feeling like you've spent 2 1/2 hours in the mad, wild hydraulic embrace of a car compactor." Several critics do applaud the astounding effects from San Francisco-based ILM. "But without dynamic contrasts," writes Liam Lacey in the Toronto Globe & Mail, "even the destruction of internationally famous landmarks begins to feel like staring at wallpaper after a couple of hours." But A.O. Scott's review in the New York Times seems surprisingly complimentary to director Michael Bay. "Despite the tediousness of his stories and inanity of his visual ideas, he always manages to keep you laughing and shaking your head in disbelief at the outlandishness of his cinematic spectacles," he writes.