Ninja Assassin, starring Korean pop star Rain, is getting the predictably lousy reviews such films ordinarily elicit. "No one expects much from a film like this, except R-rated bloodletting with some excitement to it," Michael Phillips remarks in the Chicago Tribune , noting that the "target audience" has "already spent weeks vivisecting bad guys on one gaming system or another, most of them without turning into sadistic killers in real life." As usual, Kyle Smith in the New York Post offers the most cutting put-down "Not to brag, but who is this Ninja Assassin fellow compared to me? He gets sliced to the bone by whirling blades, is blasted unconscious by stun guns and does handstands on a bed of nails. I sat through Old Dogs." [The critics themselves are eliciting reviews of their reviews on their newspapers' own blogs. One writer posted this message on the Post' s movie blog "I haven't seen this yet, but all I can say to all these 'big time critics' out there is...ARE YOU ALL RETARDED. The Critics in the New York Post, LA Times and all these other big name places must really hate action, gore and martial arts; because I'm all for it. I'm so anxious to see this thing that I'm tearing the hair off my head in antisipatioin (sic)."]