Several critics are having a field day lampooning Daybreakers , about an epidemic that is turning much of the human race into vampires and a maverick scientist who is trying to find a cure for it. Ethan Hawke plays a vampire scientist who rejects the demands of his company to find a synthetic substitute for human blood and is determined to find a way to make the vampire population lose their taste for blood. "He's a vampire with a conscience," Michael O'Sullivan in the Washington Post remarks, "In the end, Daybreakers doesn't really want to make anyone think too hard. If that were to happen, they might stop to wonder why all the human survivors out there hiding in fear of their lives don't just become garlic farmers and call it a day." Roger Ebert remarks in the Chicago Sun-Times. Another star of the movie is Willem Dafoe -- and such casting caused Steven Rea to remark in the Philadelphia Inquirer "It's undeniable fun to behold the likes of serious thespians Hawke and Dafoe slumming around in this cheeseball stuff." On the other hand, Linda Barnard in the Toronto Star concludes "Even when it strays into an over-the-top sensibility in a few scenes, it's done with such flair that even the most squeamish won't close their eyes." And Wesley Morris writes in the Boston Globe that the movie, directed by twin brothers Michael and Peter Spierig, "has unexpected flashes of brilliance. It's been shot and staged with unusual patience. All the scenes hang together."