Critics are having a belch fest with Beerfest. Consider Bill Zwecker's comments in the Chicago Sun-Times: "Nothing works here. The script is less than Juvenile -- and totally nonsensical. The acting is atrocious. There's no decent comedic timing -- which is somewhat of a problem for a comedy, don't you think? The entire time I watched this film, I felt I was merely observing a bunch of self-absorbed frat boys who got drunk, wrote a 'script,' got some clueless Hollywood suits to cough up the cash to make it, turned on a camera and then forgot to hire an editor to properly finish the whole thing." Geoff Pevere in the Toronto Star calls it a "movie that feels as if it was conceived, executed, edited and ultimately released by people in an advanced state of gassy inebriation." And Ty Burr of the Boston Globe begins his review by remarking, "Making a comedy that celebrates binge drinking and cretinous behavior isn't a crime against nature. Making one that's as brutally unfunny as Beerfest is."