Chicago director Rob Marshall is finding filming on his latest movie Memoirs Of A Geisha complicated, because his cast all speak different languages.

SONY STUDIOS refused to cast non-Asian actresses in the big screen adaptation of Arthur Golden's best-selling book about the life of a Japanese geisha, and boasts Chinese Ziyi Zhang and Li Gong, Malaysian Michelle Yeoh and Japanese Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Ken Watanabe amongst its stars.

An insider on the Japanese set tells American gossip site PAGESIX.COM, "They hired a 'Pan-Asian' cast. So now they have Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian actors and they have had to hire a load of interpreters, especially since there are like 15 Chinese dialects. It is costing a lot of time to do anything."

Producer Lucy Fisher and DOUG WICK adds, "We have a Chinese and Japanese interpreter. The movie may or may not be a day over schedule, but we are brilliantly on time for an epic and on budget."

09/12/2004 17:41