The Chicago Tribune, once regarded as the principal voice of conservative political ideology in the U.S., has editorially attacked the Fox News Network for its commentaries on the recently debunked reports that Barack Obama once attended a fundamentalist Islamic school in Indonesia. In Saturday's editions, the Tribune commented that Fox News's decision to run the story without first checking it out may not have been dictated by ideology. But it was, the newspaper said, "unethical, unprofessional and shabby, a trifecta, if you will, in the world of journalism." Moreover, the Tribune added, it also represents a departure from mainstream journalism, which "agonizes every day over what is true and what is not, because it is wrong to print what is not provably true." (The Obama story first saw the light of day on the conservative online Insight magazine.) The editorial concluded, "It also also is a sign of the growing indifference Internet 'journalism' presents on the question of truth. Rumor is good enough. Bibles of blogging are created based on nothing more than rumor." Meanwhile, Fox News V.P John Moody has acknowledged that it erred in broadcasting the Insight report, telling the New York Times that its commentators "violated one of our general rules, which is know what you are talking about. ... They reported information from a publication whose accuracy we didn't know."