Hoping to become the first film about the Iraq war to become a box office hit, the Green Zone has encountered some roadside bombs that apparently went undetected as studio marketers prepared for its release on Friday. "We have made a genuine attempt to make a mainstream action thriller set in the real [Iraq] world," Matt Damon, its star, told Reuters. In an early review, Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune says that the film by Bourne director Paul Greenglass "becomes movie-er and more polemical as it goes." Last week, the New York Post film critic Kyle Smith, who often wears his political conservatism in his reviews, blasted the movie this way. "If I were the kind of excitable guy who believes in boycotts, I'd say 'Boycott NBC-Universal' for its appalling new anti-American flick, Green Zone .'" He called it "a $100 million slime job that conjures up a fantastically distorted leftist version of the war." In defense of the film, Patrick Goldstein in the Los Angeles Times maintained that some of Smith's arguments about the film are erroneous. "But when conservatives ridicule Hollywood movies for their politics, it's a rarity for anyone to let the facts get in the way of a good rant."