Major city newspapers and local TV blogs were reporting what appeared to be coordinated layoffs at CBS-owned stations all over the country Monday. The New York Daily News reported that WCBS-TV had laid off veteran correspondents Scott Weinberger and Andrew Kirtzman as well as "behind-the-scenes staffers and freelancers." It quoted station general manager Peter Dunn as saying, "The strategic realignment of our team will allow the station to continue to invest wisely in the people and infrastructure that will drive future growth in ratings, revenue and community service." Chicago Sun-Times TV writer Robert Feder referred to the cutbacks at WBBM as a "major bloodletting," saying that at least 17 persons had been let go, including anchor Diann Burns and sports anchor Mark Malone. Station spokesperson Elizabeth Abrams issued a statement that seemed a near-verbatim copy of the one issued by WCBS. "We will continue to invest in the people and in the infrastructure that will drive our future growth in rating s, in revenue and in community service," the statement said. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that "several" reporters had been let go at KPIX, including "Bay Area icons" Bill Schechner and Manny Ramos. "When I walked in, they told me it was going to be a bad day in the newsroom," Ramos told the newspaper. "Then they told me it was going to be a bad day for me, too." The Boston Herald reported that 30 employees were fired at WBZ-TV "on what station insiders instantly dubbed 'Black Monday.'" On his L.A. Observed blog, writer Kevin Roderick dashed off a note saying, "Bunch of people let go" at KCBS, Los Angeles. "If I get details I'll pass them on," he wrote.