Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers is seeking specialist medical advice after discovering he has nerve damage following his cancer battle.
The veteran music producer underwent intensive treatment to battle an aggressive form of the disease following his diagnosis in 2010 and he was declared cancer-free last March (11).
Rodgers has now told fans he is preparing to undergo further tests in a bid to find a solution for ongoing nerve issues he is experiencing.
In a post on his website on Tuesday (24Jul12), he writes, "A few hours after this blog post goes out I'll be heading to yet another cancer specialist - one who's also a neurologist because it's clear that I have some nerve damage.
"When I talked about my first cancer incident it was during a concert with Earth, Wind, and Fire when I lost muscle strength in my right hand. My strength has improved but never fully recovered - on the other hand for years I'd suffered partial neuropathy in my left heel but after doing therapy for the cancer recovery it's completely healed. (No pun intended. Go figure?), The human body is amazing, wonderful, and complicated."