Chevy Chase is still bitter about being forced to quit hit comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) when his first wife JACQUELINE CARLIN threatened to leave him if he didn't relocate to California.

The comic was a break-out star in the first year of the now cult series and regrets being the first star to quit the show.

He recalls, "It wasn't a career move at all. That's the misperception among many. I was engaged to a girl who would not leave California. I was infatuated with her.

"She turned out to be completely wrong for me. Everybody knew that behind my back but nobody would say anything. She wanted me to come back there if I wanted to marry her.

"If I didn't come back and leave the show she would leave me and that was the end of it. I was absolutely heartbroken and I didn't want to leave the show.

"I did nothing for three years... The concept that I had lucrative film contracts or something, the facts are right out there."

Chase and Carlin divorced after four years of marriage in 1980.

02/02/2005 09:14